What our Satisfied Guests Say About Us

"My family and I have had a great time on every cruise that I have gone on with Moish"

                                           -Yonatan L.  -New York, NY

Chananya D

I was satisfied by the fact that the kashrus was 100%. I was able to speak to the mashgiach throughout my stay.

                                               -Chananya D.   -Lakewood, NJ

 "Moish and Isaac arranged my son's Bar Mitzvah at the Mount Laurel, and it was a fabulous event."

                       -Marian M -New Brunswick, NJ

"We went with The Great  Kosher Escape because the price was right and  Isaac and Moish were easy to work with."

                                        -Zev C.    -Passaic NJ.

"Their attention to detail and program over Yeshiva Week in New Hampshire makes The Great Kosher Escape an amazing group."

                                                   -Chaim Z.      -Brooklyn, NY