our kosher supervision


Rabbi Sholtiel Lebovic

Rabbi Lebovic, renowned Rav Hamachshur will be joining us on our many treks and adventure tours. 

First and foremost, we keep Kosher because it is G-d's infinite will and wisdom. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to connect with the Almighty by carrying out His will and command. By keeping to the dictates of Kashrus we maintain our spiritual and physical health.

Keeping Kosher as a family strengthens family unity and the family's Jewish identity. This sense of discipline will strengthen children's value system in all areas of their life. 


Our partners at GoKosher.org

Launched in 1982, our partners at GoKosher.org are dedicated to helping our fellow Jews increase in observance of Torah and Mitzvos. GoKosher is a Non-Profit Organization that has provided a high-quality, efficient, and family friendly halachic kashering service for Jewish families and organizations for over 30 years.